Terminator 5

Terminator: Genisys is "not a sequel, and it's not a remake"

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 9, 2015

Producer David Ellison draws a parallel with JJ Abrams' Star Trek, as we chats about where Terminator: Genisys fits.

Terminator 5 title confirmed: Terminator Genisys

Simon Brew News
Aug 6, 2014

The new Terminator film is officially called Terminator Genisys. Honestly.

Who's going to be playing Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genesis?

Simon Brew News
Feb 11, 2014

The shortlist for the male lead in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis is apparently down to two...

Casting rumour for John Connor in Terminator: Genesis

Simon Brew News
Dec 12, 2013

Jason Clarke may step into the role previously played by Edward Furlong and Nick Stahl, in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis...

Terminator 5 has its title

Simon Brew News
Dec 10, 2013

It looks like the new Terminator movie will be going by the name of Terminator: Genesis...

UPDATE: Sarah Connor cast for Terminator 5

Simon Brew News
Dec 14, 2013

It's official: Emilia Clarke is to play Sarah Connor in the next Terminator film...

First casting rumours for Terminator 5

Simon Brew News
Nov 7, 2013

Names are now been linked with the roles of John Connor and Sarah Connor in Terminator 5...

Thor 2 director drops big Doctor Strange hint

Hugo Strange
Simon Brew News
Nov 4, 2013

Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor seems to suggest that the Doctor Strange movie is on its way from Marvel...

Alan Taylor: Terminator director talk is "premature"

Simon Brew News
Oct 25, 2013

Is Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor making the new Terminator movie? Possible, but it's not a done deal...

Terminator 5: Alan Taylor in, release date slightly changed

Simon Brew News
Sep 17, 2013

A one week delay for Terminator 5, and it now seems confirmed that Thor: The Dark World helmer Alan Taylor will direct...