Terence Winter

Vinyl episode 10 review: Alibi

Michael Noble Review
Apr 19, 2016

Vinyl has much to improve when it returns for season 2, and judging by this solid-enough finale, it's heading in the right direction...

Vinyl episode 9 review: Rock And Roll Queen

Michael Noble Review
Apr 13, 2016

As Vinyl reaches its penultimate episode, we evaluate the season so far...

Vinyl: showrunner Terence Winter has left

Louisa Mellor News
Apr 11, 2016

Boardwalk Empire's Terence Winter has departed HBO show Vinyl ahead of season 2, which will see "a change in the creative direction"...

Vinyl episode 8 review: E.A.B.

Michael Noble Review
Apr 6, 2016

The closer Vinyl sticks to the music, the better everything works...

Vinyl episode 7 review: The King And I

Michael Noble Review
Mar 29, 2016

Richie pursues the King of Rock n Roll, Mr Elvis Presley, in the latest episode of HBO and Sky Atlantic's Vinyl...

Vinyl episode 6 review: Cyclone

Michael Noble Review
Mar 23, 2016

This week's Vinyl offered lots Richie, a David Bowie guest spot, and pushed the show in some interesting directions...

Vinyl episode 5 review: He In Racist Fire

Michael Noble Review
Mar 16, 2016

Vinyl seems to be running out of things to explore about Richie Finestra worryingly early. At least the music's still great...

Vinyl episode 3 review: Whispered Secrets

Michael Noble Review
Feb 29, 2016

Is Richie still too much of a fan for the money-spinning music industry? Here's our review of Vinyl's third episode...

Vinyl episode 2 review: Yesterday Once More

Michael Noble Review
Feb 22, 2016

Youth is something Vinyl's record execs can sell, but not something they can ever get back. Here's our review of Yesterday Once More...

Vinyl episode 1 review: Pilot

Michael Noble Review
Feb 15, 2016

Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger's new HBO drama looks and sounds great, but can Vinyl grow into more than just Mad Men: The Rock Years?