Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf to end after season 6; new trailer arrives

Tony Sokol News
Jul 22, 2016

The rain enters the soil. The river enters the sea. So Teen Wolf runs to a predestined end, after season 6...

The top 25 80s-style coming of age films

Nick Horton Feature
May 20, 2016

Whether they're made in the 80s or set in the 80s, these are the films that do coming of age wonderfully well...

Teen Wolf director Rod Daniel dies, aged 73

Den Of Geek News
Apr 22, 2016

Rod Daniel, the director of Teen Wolf and K-9, dies at the age of 73.

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 20 review: Apotheosis

Ron Hogan Review
Mar 10, 2016

Teen Wolf season 5 may have been scattered all over, but its finale ends with an image of unity as Beacon Hills takes on the Beast...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 19 review: The Beast Of Beacon Hills

Ron Hogan Review
Mar 4, 2016

Teen Wolf's penultimate season 5 episode before the finale seems to be treading water. What this show needs is a reaping...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 18 review: The Maid Of Gevaudan

Ron Hogan Review
Feb 25, 2016

Teen Wolf takes a page out of the Highlander TV series' book in a time-travelling episode that takes the action to 18th century France...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 17 review: A Credible Threat

Ron Hogan Review
Feb 19, 2016

There hasn't been much 'teen' in Teen Wolf season 5, nor many laughs either, so this week's episode comes as a welcome change...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 16 review: Lie Ability

Alyce Adams Review
Feb 10, 2016

With Lydia in danger, the whole Teen Wolf gang unites under a common mission in this week's ace season 5 episode...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 15 review: Amplification

Alyce Adams Review
Feb 4, 2016

Scott and Stiles are back on the same page in Teen Wolf's latest eventful episode, and they've a mission to accomplish...

Teen Wolf season 5 episode 14 review: The Sword And The Spirit

Alyce Adams Review
Jan 28, 2016

The mission to rescue Lydia is the focus of this week's Teen Wolf season 5B episode, The Sword And The Spirit...