Stuart Gordon

Bringing HP Lovecraft to the big screen

James Clayton Feature
Oct 31, 2014

Just in time for Halloween, James considers the weird tales of HP Lovecraft, and the ones that could make great films...

Stuart Gordon interview: Re-Animator, Pacific Rim, Fortress

Ryan Lambie Interview
Jun 2, 2014

With the classic Re-Animator getting its Blu-ray reissue this week, we talk to its director about this and his other genre films...

Crowdfunding Friday: horror, anime, games and comics

Ryan Lambie Feature
Nov 1, 2013

Looking for some geek-friendly crowdfunding projects to support? Then here's a selection of worthy things for your consideration...

Crowdfunding Friday: a horror special

Ryan Lambie Feature
Oct 4, 2013

Shudder in fear at this week's horror-themed crowdfunding projects, which includes a new film from Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon...

Looking back at Robot Jox

Scott Snowden Feature
May 20, 2013

With Pacific Rim on the horizon, what better time to look back at the 1989 giant robot flick, Robot Jox...

From Beyond, Stuart Gordon, and MPAA censorship

Ryan Lambie Feature
Feb 4, 2013

With the uncut version of From Beyond out on Blu-ray later this month, Ryan looks at the ongoing battles between filmmakers and the MPAA...

Looking back at From Beyond

Rob McLaughlin News
Apr 4, 2012

Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon returned a year later with another HP Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond. Rob looks back at a great, goo-filled 80s horror…

Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator: 25 years on

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 16, 2010

Stuart Gordon’s enduringly messy 1985 horror Re-Animator reaches its quarter-century this year. And it’s as campily thrilling as it ever was, says Ryan…