Steven Spielberg

The BFG review

Rob Leane Review
Jul 22, 2016

Steven Spielberg directs Mark Rylance in this spirited but tension-free Roald Dahl adaptation...

Netflix's Stranger Things: spotting the movie references

Dan Cooper Feature
Jul 20, 2016

What 80s pop culture references and nods did you spot in Netflix's Stranger Things? We start the ball rolling...

Netflix's Stranger Things: Shawn Levy interview

Louisa Mellor Interview
Jul 15, 2016

We chat to the producer-director of 80s-set sci-fi horror series Stranger Things, now on Netflix, about Spielberg, nostalgia and more…

The Goonies 2: Corey Feldman doubts it’ll happen

Simon Brew News
Jul 5, 2016

Corey Feldman throws fresh doubt on whether we'll ever get to see The Goonies 2...

Tintin 2 still happening – but still not yet

The Adventures Of Tintin
Simon Brew Feature
Jul 1, 2016

Peter Jackson is still set to make Tintin 2 - but he's doing another top secret film for Steven Spielberg first.

Jurassic Park 4: the versions that never were

Rob Leane Feature
Jun 28, 2016

Since life finds a way, Jurassic Park 4 was eventually made under the title Jurassic World. But many ideas floated around beforehand...

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One casting latest

David Crow News
Jun 27, 2016

Steven Spielberg's virtual reality movie adaptation, Ready Player One, adds Hannah John-Kamen to its ensemble.

Ready Player One: Steven Spielberg on his approach to the film

Simon Brew News
Jun 23, 2016

Steven Spielberg is keeping the Back To The Future references in Ready Player One - but stripping away some of the others.

Indiana Jones 5 will not be the last in the series

Simon Brew News
Jun 23, 2016

Once Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford make Indiana Jones 5, Disney has plans for further movies. Reboot time?

Indiana Jones 5: Spielberg confirms Indy won’t be killed off

Simon Brew News
Jun 15, 2016

Steven Spielberg admits he's "super excited" about Indiana Jones 5 - and that Indy is set to survive it...