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Arrow: Suicide Squad axed because of the movie

Rob Leane News
May 31, 2016

Arrow's Willa Holland has revealed that Warner Bros nixed TV's Suicide Squad to make room for the film version...

Arrow season 4 episode 23 review: Schism

Caroline Preece Review
May 30, 2016

Arrow's problem is that it's become a show about itself, wallowing and refusing to move forward. Here's our review of the season 4 finale...

Arrow season 4 episode 22 review: Lost In The Flood

Kayti Burt Review
May 20, 2016

Arrow delivers a lacklustre penultimate season 4 episode that relies too much on villains we don't understand...

Stephen Amell interview: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Arrow

Matt Edwards Interview
Jun 4, 2016

With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Out Of The Shadows now in cinemas, we chat to Stephen Amell about the movie, Statham and Arrow...

Arrow season 5: Kevin Smith wants to write two episodes

Kevin Smith
Rob Leane News
May 16, 2016

After directing a great episode of The Flash season 2, Kevin Smith wants to stick with The CW by writing for Arrow...

Arrow season 4 episode 21 review: Monument Point

Kayti Burt Review
May 14, 2016

Arrow delivers an action-packed, high-stakes hour by balancing Smoak family drama with the possible apocalypse...

Arrow season 4 episode 20 review: Genesis

Caroline Preece Review
May 9, 2016

In Genesis, Arrow struggles to marry its more serious elements with the fantastical universe it helped create...

Arrow season 4 episode 19 review: Canary Cry

Caroline Preece Review
Apr 29, 2016

One of Arrow's characters has been terribly misserved by the show, as the latest season four episode demonstrates...

10 ways we didn’t get kicked off the set of TMNT Out Of The Shadows

Matt Edwards Feature
May 26, 2016

We went to the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows. Here's how we didn't get chucked out.

Arrow season 4 episode 18 review: 11:59

Caroline Preece Review
Apr 7, 2016

Major spoilers as Arrow season 4 finally reveals which character winds up in that grave...