Troy: BBC One orders new series from Spooks’ writer

Rob Leane News
Nov 19, 2015

Troy: Fall Of A City is a new ‘visceral multi-part series’ from Spooks and Humans' behind-the-scenes talent...

Spooks: The Greater Good review

Ryan Lambie Review
Apr 29, 2015

Kit Harington heads up a big-screen continuation of BBC's Spooks. Here's Ryan's review of the tepid thriller, Spooks: The Greater Good...

Spooks: The Greater Good - brand new trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Mar 27, 2015

Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington takes the lead, as Spooks heads to the big screen. Here's the new Spooks: The Greater Good trailer...

Spooks: The Greater Good first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Jan 29, 2015

Spooks heads to the movies, and we've got the first trailer for Spooks: The Greater Good right here...

Release date confirmed for Spooks movie

Simon Brew News
Nov 19, 2014

Spooks: The Greater Good, starring Kit Harington, will arrive in cinemas in May 2015.

New look at Kit Harington in the Spooks movie

Louisa Mellor News
May 23, 2014

See Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington run across a London rooftop in this early image from the Spooks movie...

10 TV moments that will keep you awake at night

Jenny Morrill Feature
Apr 25, 2014

Jenny talks us through 10 of TV's bleakest, most disturbing and incongruous TV moments, from Threads to ALF via South Park...

The Escape Artist episode 2 review

Louisa Mellor Review
Nov 5, 2013

The Escape Artist is an effective thriller, but is it anything more? Here's Louisa's look at the second episode...

Spooks film moving ahead

Louisa Mellor News
Nov 1, 2013

A film version of the BBC's long-running MI5 drama Spooks is on its way, going by the name of Spooks: The Greater Good

The Escape Artist episode 1 review

Louisa Mellor Review
Oct 29, 2013

New BBC three-part legal thriller The Escape Artist stars David Tennant and has a great deal to recommend it besides...