Spider-Man movie universe back on the cards

Simon Brew News
Jun 24, 2016

Sony will continue to work with Marvel on future Spider-Man movies - and that movie universe is back on...

Spider-Man: why Elizabeth Banks didn't play Mary Jane

Elizabeth Rayne News
Jun 23, 2016

Elizabeth Banks was turned down from a lead role in the first Spider-Man movie because she was deemed "too old"...

Comic book access for the blind

Matthew Shifrin Feature
Jun 22, 2016

Matthew Shifrin is blind, but he still wants to enjoy comic books. Here, he explains his idea, and asks for your support...

Spider-Man: animated movie has its director

Simon Brew News
Jun 21, 2016

Bob Persichetti is to direct the animated movie of Spider-Man, that's heading to cinemas in late 2018...

Spider-Man: Homecoming adds Martin Starr

Chris Longo News
Jun 17, 2016

Spider-Man adds another star. Silicon Valley's Martin Starr, in fact...

Captain America: Civil War, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Rob Leane Feature
May 3, 2016

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man stole the show in Captain America: Civil War. Here’s why we love the new Spidey so much...

Captain America: Civil War - post-credits scenes explained

James Hunt Rob Leane Feature
Apr 29, 2016

With spoilers (obviously): here's what Captain America: Civil War's post-credits scenes meant...

Captain America: Civil War – “a lot of characters” didn’t make the draft

Rob Leane News
May 1, 2016

Spider-Man and Black Panther make their MCU debuts in Captain America: Civil War. But how did the filmmakers decide on that?

The 25 greatest superhero scores of all time

Sean Wilson Feature
Apr 27, 2016

From Batman and Thor to Spider-Man and Captain America, here's our countdown of the finest superhero movie scores...

Spider-Man: Homecoming: new images from the shoot

Simon Brew Rob Leane News
Jul 12, 2016

More pictures have popped up from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, starring Tom Holland...