15 of sci-fi cinema's most eccentric spaceships

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Jun 23, 2015

An alien craft shaped like an artichoke? A vessel with breasts? Here's our pick of 15 of sci-fi cinema's most eccentric spaceships...

Alien: The history of the Nostromo, by Ron Cobb

The Nostromo - and the way there.
Ron Cobb News
Sep 22, 2009

Ron Cobb, one of the premier sci-fi production designers of the last 40 years, explains the history of the doomed vessel in Alien...

Matthew Gratzner discusses the 'Betty' of Alien Resurrection

The Betty in Alien Resurrection (1997)
Martin Anderson News
Jul 15, 2009

Currently working on Shutter Island, the miniatures master talks about Alien Resurrection's ship...

The spaceships of Syd Mead, by Syd Mead

The Sulaco, by Syd Mead (Aliens, 1986)
Syd Mead News
Jul 15, 2009

The design genius behind Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens and many other SF classics, tells us about the movie spaceships he has worked on...

Jeff Kleiser discusses the early CGI of Flight Of The Navigator

Early, early CGI in Flight Of The Navigator (1986)
Martin Anderson News
Jul 15, 2009

Photo-real CGI in 1986? The visual effects supervisor on Disney's ground-breaking movie tells us how easy it wasn't...

Interview: George Willis on making the Rodger Young for Starship Troopers

George Willis at work on the Rodger Young during the destruction sequence of Starship Troopers
Martin Anderson Interview
Jul 15, 2009

The man who brought death and destruction to the wonderful ship in Paul Verhoeven's cult favourite tells us how he did it...

The spaceships of Gerry Anderson - by Gerry Anderson

Some of the great spaceships from Gerry Anderson shows
Martin Anderson News
Jul 15, 2009

The master of SF TV chats about some of the classic space vehicles that adorned his shows...

Caprica/Galactica designer Richard Hudolin talks spaceships

Martin Anderson News
Jul 15, 2009

In support of our sudden interest in screen spaceships, we chat with the man behind colonial chic...

Chris Foss on the Nostromo

Foss's various Nostromo designs, and the craft as seen in the film
Martin Anderson News
Jul 15, 2009

Kicking off a series of articles about TV and movie spaceships, we chat to the esteemed sci-fi illustrator and co-creator of the Nostromo in Alien...

Top 75 Spaceships in movies and TV

You hear me, baby? Hold together...
Martin Anderson News
Jul 14, 2009

With exclusive insight from the creators, here are some of the best means for getting around the galaxy...