Signourney Weaver

Alien 5: new concept art revealed

Simon Brew News
Jul 17, 2015

Ripley and Hicks are still returning to the world of Alien, and here's Neill Blomkamp's latest concept art to prove it...

Sigourney Weaver on the Alien films, reprising Ripley

Simon Brew News
Jun 3, 2014

Ellen Ripley's adventures may not be done, teases Sigourney Weaver as she discussed the Alien movies...

Sigourney Weaver on her role in the next three Avatar films

Simon Brew News
May 12, 2014

Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 are all set to feature Sigourney Weaver - and she's briefly been talking about the films...

Is an all female Expendables on the cards?

Glen Chapman News
Aug 20, 2012

Do you want a change from an ageing action star sausage fest? Well it looks like an alternative may be on the cards?

James Cameron now making three Avatar sequels?

Simon Brew News
Jun 26, 2012

We knew about Avatar 2 and 3. Turns out there might be an Avatar 4 as well, all shooting at the same time...

New trailer for spooky-looking Red Lights

Simon Brew News
May 31, 2012

Robert De Niro, Signourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy star in Red Lights, a new paranormal thriller. Here’s the new trailer…

Exclusive: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost salute Sigourney Weaver

Simon Brew News
May 31, 2011

With Paul heading to DVD and Blu-ray this month, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have been celebrating the majesty of Sigourney Weaver…

Sigourney Weaver: not in Ghostbusters 3

Simon Brew News
Jun 24, 2009

Don’t go looking for Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters 3, it seems. Nor Ripley in the Alien prequel…