Shadow Of The Colossus

The Last Guardian trailer and release date

Den Of Geek News
Jun 14, 2016

It's really happening: The Last Guardian, from the creator of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, is out later this year...

The Last Guardian makes unusual appearance at Tokyo Game Show

Ryan Lambie News
Sep 17, 2015

A playable version of Sony's The Last Guardian still hasn't emerged, but the game did make an unusual appearance at the Tokyo Game Show...

Ico's original script contained more mother-daughter angst

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 22, 2015

The classic Ico once had a more verbose script, which explained more about the dynamic between its trio of characters, we've learned...

The Last Guardian: 2016 release confirmed

Ryan Lambie News
May 27, 2016

Sony's long-awaited fantasy platformer The Last Guardian really is coming out this year, Edge Magazine confirms...

Update: The Last Guardian to appear at E3?

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 10, 2015

Sony's long-delayed fantasy game The Last Guardian might just be making an appearance at this year's E3, a report suggests...

What's going on with Team Ico's The Last Guardian?

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 16, 2014

Now reaching the eight year mark, there's still no sign of The Last Guardian. Ryan takes a look at its current status...

Shadow Of The Colossus movie back on, new director found

Simon Brew News
Sep 5, 2014

The videogame Shadow Of The Colossus looks like it's coming to the big screen after all...

Shadow Of The Colossus adaptation has a writer

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 8, 2013

Sony has signed Hanna's writer for its adaptation of the videogame, Shadow Of The Colossus...

Chronicle's Josh Trank for Shadow Of The Colossus

Simon Brew News
May 24, 2012

The movie of the stunning Shadow Of The Colossus game attracts Chronicle director Josh Trank...