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The Legend Of Tarzan review

Rob Leane Review
Jul 6, 2016

David Yates’ Alexander Skarsgård-starring The Legend Of Tarzan movie is something of a mixed bag...

David Yates and David Barron interview: The Legend Of Tarzan

Ben Mortimer Interview
Jul 6, 2016

The director and producer of The Legend Of Tarzan talk to us about making the movie...

Star Wars: Samuel L Jackson on Mace Windu

Joseph Baxter Simon Brew News
Jun 30, 2016

Is there still room for Mace Windu in the future Star Wars movies? Samuel L Jackson suggests so...

Cell: new trailer for upcoming Stephen King adaptation

Simon Brew Trailer
Jul 5, 2016

Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack star in Cell, from Stephen King. Here's the new trailer...

16 actors who have played more than one superhero

Rob Leane Feature
Feb 22, 2016

Ryan Reynolds has Deadpool and Green Lantern to his name - but who else has played more than one superhero on the big screen?

Kingsman 2 is "a far more international story"

Simon Brew News
Jan 28, 2016

Taron Egerton also teases that the villain in Kingsman 2 is so good, "I wish I could play it"...

xXx 3 starts filming this month, Jet Li now confirmed

Simon Brew News
Jan 20, 2016

Jet Li will join Vin Diesel and Samuel L Jackson in the xXx 3 cast...

The underrated film acting performances of 2015

Mark Harrison Feature
Jan 4, 2016

Rosario Dawson, Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively lead our look at 2015's best under the radar acting performances in film...

How do make-up artists create sweat in the movies?

Simon Brew Feature
Oct 13, 2015

A glistening Sylvester Stallone. A sweating Robert De Niro. Vaseline. That's a trick to making sweat on film look, well, sweaty...

Unbreakable 2: "maybe there's an interest right now"

Simon Brew News
Jul 7, 2015

M Night Shyamalan admits that Unbreakable 2 may hold some relevance, as Samuel L Jackson says he'd love to do the film.