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14 movie sequels stuck in development hell

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Salt 2 still active, script complete

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Angelina Jolie may yet reprise the title role in Salt 2, as it's revealed the screenplay is finally done...

Screenwriter hired for Salt 2

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Angelina Jolie's return to the world of Salt might be back on track...

Angelina Jolie turns down Salt 2 script

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Liam Hemsworth to star in Philip Noyce’s sci-fi drama, Timeless

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Salt and Rabbit-Proof Fence director Philip Noyce is set to make a sci-fi drama called Timeless, with Liam Hemsworth now officially on board as the lead…

Salt 2 presses ahead

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It looks like Angelina Jolie might be back as Evelyn Salt, as Sony moves Salt 2 into action…

Salt Blu-ray review

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