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Helix season 2 episode 13 review: O Brave New World

Billy Grifter Review
Apr 14, 2015

Helix dishes out more zero-impact twists and nonsensical developments in its season two finale...

Helix season 2 episode 12 review: The Ascendant

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Apr 7, 2015

In the penultimate episode of Helix season 2, a main story arc proves as elusive as ever...

Helix season 2 episode 11 review: Plan B

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Mar 30, 2015

Outlander: the historical romance sci-fi fans could love

Nick Horton Feature
Mar 26, 2015

Here’s why sci-fi fans have something to look forward to in Ron D. Moore’s Outlander, arriving on Amazon Prime in the UK today…

Helix season 2 episode 10 review: Mother

Billy Grifter Review
Mar 23, 2015

Helix continues to tell an increasingly implausible and unconvincing sci-fi tale. Surely this won't return for season 3?

Helix season 2 episode 9 review: Ectogenesis

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Mar 15, 2015

The very welcome return of an old character is the one highlight in the abyss of storytelling that Helix has fallen into.

Helix season 2 episode 6 review: M. Domestica

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Feb 23, 2015

Helix continues to weave an unconvincing tale in this week's episode, M. Domestica...

Helix season 2 episode 5 review: Oubliette

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Feb 16, 2015

Just when Helix introduces a character with personality and an actor with real potential, it's sayonara...

Helix season 2 episode 4 review: Densho

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Feb 9, 2015

Helix reaches the low point of season two so far, with this week's bee and bleeding-focused episode...

Helix season 2 episode 3 review: Scion

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Feb 2, 2015

Helix loses some of its usual baffling nonsense this week, which makes it a great deal less fun...