Roger Ebert

How much should movie critics know about movies?

Simon Brew Feature
Apr 19, 2016

Should there be a 'ground zero' of knowledge for movie criticism? And what makes a critic effective at their job?

Dead Poets Society: why it works and how it happened

Simon Brew Feature
Mar 10, 2016

Perhaps the most beloved of Robin Williams' films. we look back at Dead Poets Society, and how it nearly fell apart.

The Last Airbender movie - what went wrong?

Mark Harrison Feature
Jun 8, 2015

We look back at M Night Shyamalan's much-vilified fantasy movie, and ask if anything could have saved it...

The film critics who turned to filmmaking

Mark Harrison Feature
Jan 26, 2015

From the Pudsey The Dog movie to Joe Cornish and Roger Ebert, what happens when critics make films themselves?

Looking back at Hocus Pocus

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 28, 2014

Hocus Pocus was strongly criticised on its original release. But why has it endured as a Halloween favourite? Sarah revisits the film...

Trailer for Roger Ebert documentary, Life Itself

Simon Brew Trailer
May 22, 2014

Steve James' Roger Ebert documentary, Life Itself, has a trailer...

Life Itself review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jan 20, 2014

From the director of Hoop Dreams comes Life Itself, a biography of the critic Roger Ebert. It's a deeply moving documentary, Ryan writes...

Crowdfunding Friday: Joe Dante, Roger Ebert and steampunk toads

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 6, 2013

A potentially great Roger Ebert documentary, a Joe Dante film and a steampunk children's book feature in this week's crowdfunding pick...

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the state of film criticism

Mark Harrison News
Jun 2, 2011

As the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean goes on to make huge sums of cash in spite of a poor critical reception, Mark wonders, what's the point of film reviews?