Roger Corman

Contamination and the joy of cheap Alien knock-offs

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 13, 2015

They're cheap, gory and a lot of fun. Ryan explores the joy of Luigi Cozzi's Contamination, and other B-movies inspired by Alien...

Roger Corman’s The Pit And The Pendulum Blu-Ray review

Ryan Lambie Review
May 21, 2014

One of Roger Corman’s finest films from his 1960s Vincent Price/Poe cycle comes to Blu-Ray. Ryan reviews The Pit And The Pendulum...

Roger Corman to produce new Edgar Allan Poe adaptations

Ryan Lambie News
Dec 20, 2012

The master of low-budget cinema, Roger Corman, is returning to the works of Poe, with new adaptations on the way...

8 Hollywood directors from the Roger Corman film school

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Nov 21, 2012

Filmmaker Roger Corman has nurtured some incredible creative talent, including the following directors...

80s horror movie Chopping Mall set for a remake

Glen Chapman News
Nov 23, 2011

An 80s Roger Corman producton, Chopping Mall, gets lined up for a remake. Albeit one with a supernatural, rather than sci-fi, flavour...

Dinoshark DVD review

Glen Chapman Review
May 18, 2011

Roger Corman continues to plough a rich seam of monster B-movies with Dinoshark. Here’s Glen’s review of an amiably daft film…

Sharktopus interview: Roger Corman, Eric Roberts and Twitter

Ron Hogan Interview
Nov 11, 2010

Half shark, half octopus, all scary. Ron interviews the tentacled star of Roger Corman’s Sharktopus about eating habits, method acting and social media…

Big Bad Mama DVD review

Luke Savage Review
Apr 27, 2010

Can William Shatner rescue Luke in the midst of his Roger Corman marathon? Here's his review of Big Bad Mama...

Blackbelt DVD review

Luke Savage Review
Apr 26, 2010

An 80s straight-to-video film in feel, even though it was made in the 90s, the latest Roger Corman DVD release, Blackbelt, goes before Luke's eyes...

The Unborn DVD review

Luke Savage Review
Mar 25, 2010

Roger Corman's The Unborn mades its DVD bow. It really isn't a film to be curious about, though...