Ridley Scott

The Man In The High Castle renewed for season 2

Rob Leane News
Dec 20, 2015

Amazon’s much-praised Philip K. Dick adaptation The Man In The High Castle will be back for a second season…

Alien: Covenant - Katherine Waterston lands leads role

Simon Brew News
Dec 18, 2015

Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, casts Katherine Waterston in a major role.

Alien: Covenant - Ridley Scott on the alien

Simon Brew News
Dec 14, 2015

Alien: Covenant might just nudge closer to Alien than Prometheus, it seems...

Alien, Blade Runner & Prometheus: their artificial life

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 4, 2015

Alien, Blade Runner and Prometheus all display an interest in AI. Here, we look at Ridley Scott's complex depiction of androids...

Alien: Covenant - potentially spoilery new detail revealed

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 30, 2015

Ridley Scott's dropped a spoilery detail about the plot of his 2017 Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant...

Alien: Covenant confirmed as first of three new prequels

Simon Brew News
Nov 27, 2015

It's going to take three more movies to join the Prometheus series up to the start of 1979's Alien, Ridley Scott has confirmed...

Alien: Covenant - its new title's meaning & other questions

Ryan Lambie Feature
Nov 18, 2015

As the Prometheus sequel gets another title, we try to answer the questions it raises. So Alien: Covenant - what’s that all about?

Alien: Covenant release date moved forward

Simon Brew News
Feb 29, 2016

The Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, is now set to land in August 2017.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson: comedy series heads to Amazon Prime

Rob Leane News
Feb 24, 2016

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Ridley Scott's comedy series has found a home at Amazon Prime Instant Video…

Alien 5 is “holding”, Neill Blomkamp working on other things

Simon Brew News
Oct 30, 2015

It looks like Prometheus sequel, Alien: Paradise Lost, has put the brakes on Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5...