Red Dawn

Red Dawn: first teaser trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Aug 3, 2012

As the long-delayed Red Dawn remake edges towards release, an explosion-filled trailer appears...

Red Dawn remake: first look images

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 2, 2012

Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson wave guns about in the first-look images from the remake of Red Dawn...

Looking back at Red Dawn

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 12, 2012

"Wolverines!" Ryan takes a look back at director John Milius' Cold War action epic, Red Dawn...

Red Dawn remake finally has release date

Red Dawn
Simon Brew News
Nov 24, 2011

Despite having been shot back in 2009, the Red Dawn remake has shown no signs of appearing on cinema screens. Until now…

Red Dawn remake finally set for release

Red Dawn
Simon Brew News
Sep 27, 2011

After languishing on the shelf since 2009, the controversial remake of Red Dawn is set for cinema release next year...

The saga of the Red Dawn remake

Ti Singh News
Mar 24, 2011

The Red Dawn remake was, in theory, completed nearly two years ago. Yet there's still no sign of it, and reports suggest it's being re-edited for political reasons. Ti traces the saga...

Music in the movies: Basil Poledouris

Glen Chapman News
Oct 4, 2010

Our latest Music in the Movies column celebrates the work of composer Basil Poledouris, whose themes have graced such movies as Conan The Barbarian and Starship Troopers...

The completed movies that appear to have disappeared

Simon Brew News
Sep 15, 2010

Nicolas Cage. John Cusack. Matt Damon. Mel Gibson. Eddie Murphy. Names that have launched many movies to box office glory. Yet, this collection can’t even get released right now…

The films being held up by MGM’s financial woes

Simon Brew News
Jul 14, 2010

It’s not just The Hobbit and James Bond that are caught in limbo due to MGM’s funding problems…