Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan season 2 trailer

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Jun 16, 2014

Ray Donovan returns to Showtime in the US this July, and here's a taste of what to expect from season 2...

Ray Donovan: Jon Voight clip

Louisa Mellor Trailer
Jun 2, 2014

See acting legend Jon Voight discuss his role in Ray Donovan, out now on DVD and Blu-Ray...

Ray Donovan season 1 finale review: Same Exactly

Michael Noble Review
Oct 2, 2013

Ray Donovan improved considerably over its first season, but Michael argues it still has some way to go...

Ray Donovan season 1 episode 11 review: Bucky Fuckin' Dent

Michael Noble Review
Sep 25, 2013

The penultimate episode of the season tackles a big issue that's been hanging over the show since the beginning. Here's Michael's review...

Ray Donovan episode 10 review: Fite Nite

Michael Noble Review
Sep 18, 2013

Ray Donovan delivers one of the season's best episodes that simply got down to business. Here's Michael's review of Fite Nite...

Ray Donovan episode 9 review: Road Trip

Michael Noble Review
Sep 11, 2013

Ray Donovan has all the right ingredients, if only it could get them motoring. Here's Michael's review of Road Trip...

Ray Donovan episode 8 review: Bridget

Michael Noble Review
Sep 4, 2013

Here's what Michael thought of Bridget, a Ray Donovan episode that focuses on family with predictably painful results...

Ray Donovan episode 7 review: New Birthday

Michael Noble Review
Aug 28, 2013

Ray Donovan hits a nice groove with an episode about the impossibility of personal change. Here's Michael's review...

Ray Donovan episode 6 review: Housewarming

Michael Noble Review
Aug 21, 2013

Ray Donovan continues its upwards trend, delivering another strong episode. Here's Michael's review of Housewarming...

Ray Donovan episode 5 review: The Golem

Michael Noble Review
Aug 14, 2013

Ray Donovan finally kicks into gear with its impressive fifth episode, which is by far the best we've seen from the show yet...