Report: Sony to release upgraded, 4K-ready PlayStation 4

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Apr 19, 2016

Sony is set to release a faster, 4K-ready PlayStation 4 codenamed NEO, new reports suggest...

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Until Dawn, the interactive movie, and storytelling

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Fury Road has revitalised Mad Max, and now the Aussie icon returns for more in his self-titled videogame...

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Subscription free, TES Online has arrived on console, but does the series' first journey into the MMORPG arena succeed?

Is the joypad putting off casual videogamers?

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To regular gamers, technology has moved from a stick to seemingly 11,000 buttons on a joypad. But this may be what's putting non-gamers off.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PlayStation 4 review

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Is Geralt of Rivia's return a true, next gen RPG, or does if fail in its lofty ambitions? We review The Witcher 3...

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Get ready to lose your lunch, as Mortal Kombat is back for its tenth outing, gorier than ever before...