Shane Black's new Predator film a sequel, not reboot

Simon Brew News
Jun 26, 2014

Call off the hounds! Cancel the chopper! The new Predator movie isn't a reboot after all! It's going to be a sequel instead.

Is a new Predator movie about to be announced?

Simon Brew News
Jul 15, 2013

A big tease on Facebook suggests that the follow-up to Predators may be announced shortly...

Robert Rodriguez offers brief update on Predators sequel

Simon Brew News
Sep 25, 2012

Predators 2 is still a possibility, but it seems that there's some way to go...

Music in the movies: 10 best movie scores of 2010

Glen Chapman Odd List
Jan 4, 2011

The movie score is, perhaps, less prevalent than it once was. But here are 10 standout scores that accompanied 2010's movie releases...

Predators Blu-ray review

Ryan Lambie Review
Nov 7, 2010

Nimród Antal’s belated Predator sequel heads to Blu-ray, but is it the follow-up the classic original deserves? Ryan drops in to find out…

Predators soundtrack review

Glen Chapman Review
Sep 20, 2010

For Robert Rodriguez’s reboot Predators, composer John Debney crafted a soundtrack that updated Alan Silvestri’s classic original themes. But does it stand up as a stand-alone listen?

The James Clayton Column: The Life of the Mind savaged by Predators

James Clayton News
Jul 15, 2010

Do Predators and The Expendables espouse a life of shooting rather than thinking? The answer, James says, can be found in the rantings of John Goodman…

The missing shot from Predators

Simon Brew News
Jul 13, 2010

There’s a glorious moment from the trailer for Predators that, you might have noticed, is missing from the final cut. And Robert Rodriguez has explained why…

Predators review

Ryan Lambie Review
Jul 6, 2010

Predator was a sci-fi cinema classic. So after the tedious AvP movies, can the franchise regain its teeth with Nimród Antal's Predators? Ryan's fingers are crossed...