Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan joins western drama The Son

Tony Sokol News
Jun 7, 2016

Pierce Brosnan wrangles his first major TV role since Remington Steele.

Pierce Brosnan on Spectre: "it's neither Bond nor Bourne"

Simon Brew News
Nov 18, 2015

Former James Bond 007 Pierce Brosnan is not a big fan of Daniel Craig's latest outing, Spectre...

Loving James Bond movies, hating 007

James Clayton Feature
Nov 6, 2015

Just because you like James Bond movies, it doesn't mean you have to like James Bond too...

James Bond 007: revisiting Die Another Day

Max Williams Feature
Jan 25, 2016

It's the invisible car one! We look back at Pierce Brosnan's final outing as James Bond - it's Die Another Day...

James Bond 007: revisiting The World Is Not Enough

Max Williams Feature
Jan 25, 2016

Christmas Jones? Robert Carlyle not feeling pain? We look back at Pierce Brosnan's third Bond film, The World Is Not Enough...

James Bond 007: revisiting Tomorrow Never Dies

Max Williams Feature
Jan 25, 2016

Pierce Brosnan's second outing as James Bond may not be Goldeneye strength, but Tomorrow Never Dies still has its moments...

James Bond 007: revisiting Goldeneye

Max Williams Feature
Jan 25, 2016

Martin Campbell's Goldeneye rebooted James Bond, introduced Pierce Brosnan in the role, and proved to be a major hit. We take a look back...

No Escape review

Duncan Bowles Review
Jan 15, 2016

Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan headline No Escape, a surprisingly good movie that it's best to know little about...

James Bond musical still happening despite 007.com statement

Simon Brew News
Jul 10, 2015

An official statement that appeared to stop James Bond: The Musical in its tracks doesn't actually appear to have done so...

The Expendables 4: Hulk Hogan confirms talks

Simon Brew News
May 27, 2015

Could a Rocky III reunion be on the cards with The Expendables 4?