Paul McGann

Paul McGann on Doctor Who: “It feels like it ain’t quite over”

Rob Leane News
Jun 3, 2016

Still holding your breath for more Paul McGann live-action Doctor Who? So is he, by the sounds of it...

River Song audios: Colin Baker & Sylvester McCoy sign up

Rob Leane News
Mar 1, 2016

The second series of Big Finish’s The Diary Of River Song audio adventures will feature Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy…

Doctor Who: Paul McGann open to more live-action appearances

Rob Leane News
Jan 7, 2016

The 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, hasn't ruled out more live-action Doctor Who, as long as it's "a little bit every now and then"...

Doctor Who: 8th Doctor comic books on the way

Rob Leane News
Jul 14, 2015

A series of Doctor Who comic books, all about Paul McGann's 8th Doctor, has been announced by Titan Comics...

Doctor Who: River Song teaming with Paul McGann for Big Finish

Rob Leane News
Jun 29, 2015

Alex Kingston’s River Song will join Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor for a new audio adventure with Big Finish. Also, Churchill is back...

Why Doctor Who should exploit its shared universe potential

Andrew Younger Feature
Apr 8, 2015

Now is the perfect time for Doctor Who to capitalise on its spin-off potential, and Andrew has a few suggestions as to how...

Doctor Who: what does UNIT Extinction mean for continuity?

Chris Farnell Feature
Feb 17, 2015

Big Finish is finally entering current Doctor Who continuity with the UNIT Extinction adventures, but what does that mean?

Peter Capaldi turned down Doctor Who TV movie audition

Pete Dillon-Trenchard News
Nov 17, 2014

Had things gone differently, Peter Capaldi could have played the Doctor instead of Paul McGann all the way back in 1996...

Doctor Who: Paul McGann says Charles Dance "would be great" as the Master

Louisa Mellor News
Jul 17, 2014

Charles Dance has Paul McGann's seal of approval as a potential Master for future Doctor Who...

Paul McGann teases sequel to The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Rob Leane News
Jun 20, 2014

Peter Davison’s uproarious Doctor Who spin-off will return, according to Paul McGann…