Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension review

Mark Harrison Review
Oct 22, 2015

Meet the Paranormal Activity film that promises to wrap the series up! Here's our review of The Ghost Dimension...

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimenson being boycotted by US cinemas

Simon Brew News
Oct 16, 2015

The new Paranormal Activity film will open on half the number of screens as the last in America, as US cinemas boycott the film.

The Gallows review

Ron Hogan Review
Jul 15, 2015

The latest low budget horror from Jason Blum? That'd be The Gallows. So: any good?

Jason Blum interview: Paranormal Activity, Amityville & more

Brendon Connelly Interview
Jun 24, 2015

Producer Jason Blum chats to us about Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, and what the future holds after the franchise...

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - the new trailer

Simon Brew Trailer
Oct 15, 2015

Paranormal Activity 5 is now Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - and here's the trailer for the film...

Next Paranormal Activity film to be the last

Simon Brew News
Jun 23, 2015

The fifth Paranormal Activity film, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, will end the series, says producer Jason Blum...

25 films that hid what they were in the trailer

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 13, 2015

With a few sneaky edits, a trailer can make a film look entirely different. Here are some of the worst offenders...

How horror franchises redefine themselves over time

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Feb 28, 2015

What sets one horror franchise apart from another, and how do they evolve over time? As REC 4 lands on disc, we take a look...

How new horror movies use cameras to creep you out

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Jan 12, 2015

‘Found footage’ used to be shorthand for ‘truth’, but since we got wise to the trick, horror movies are starting to move on…

How Saw changed the Halloween release schedule

Sarah Dobbs Feature
Oct 10, 2014

This Halloween marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of the first Saw movie. Sarah looks back to see how things have changed