Pain And Gain

John Krasinski to headline Michael Bay's next film

Simon Brew News
Jan 15, 2015

Michael Bay takes a break from Transformers for 13 Hours, which will star The Office's John Krasinski...

It looks like Michael Bay's picked his next film to direct

Simon Brew News
Oct 30, 2014

Michael Bay is going from Transformers: Age Of Extinction to a true story, 13 Hours...

Mark Wahlberg on his desire to play Iron Man

Glen Chapman News
Aug 16, 2013

Mark Wahlberg reveals that he wouldn't mind a comic book role. Iron Man, in particular. Plus: how he was nearly Robin...

New posters: Iron Man 3, Pain & Gain, The Great Gatbsy

Simon Brew Poster
Apr 4, 2013

Brand new posters for Iron Man 3, Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. Right here.

Story details for Transformers 4 emerge

Simon Brew News
Mar 22, 2013

Following a legal letter, we have removed the plot details from this post.

Mark Wahlberg interview: Broken City, Entourage, Transformers & more

NP Horton Interview
Feb 28, 2013

With his latest movie Broken City out this week, actor Mark Wahlberg spared some time to chat about Hollywood, Entourage and Transformers...

Mark Wahlberg confirmed for Transformers 4

Simon Brew News
Nov 9, 2012

Mark Wahlberg will do battle with giant robots in Michael Bay's Transformers 4...

Michael Bay: Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4 after all?

Glen Chapman News
Nov 8, 2012

In a post on his site, Michael Bay says thanks to the Internet for putting the idea of Mark Wahlberg for Transformers 4 in his head...

Michael Bay on Transformers 4

Simon Brew News
Jun 22, 2012

Transformers 4 will be a little cheaper than Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, and Michael Bay confirms it’s definitely no reboot…

Michael Bay will be directing Transformers 4

Simon Brew News
Dec 7, 2011

More Bayhem is on the agenda, as Michael Bay looks set to return to direct Transformers 4...