The BBC, Ripper Street, and cancelling shows

Simon Brew Feature
Dec 10, 2013

Ripper Street is the latest cancellation casualty of the ratings war, but why is the BBC even on the battlefield?

Revisiting Torchwood: what is its legacy?

Andrew Blair Feature
Jan 15, 2013

It's the last in our Revisiting Torchwood series, so Andrew considers what legacy the show has left TV sci-fi...

Ben Richards interview: looking back at Outcasts, its critical reaction, and where next

Simon Brew Interview
Apr 8, 2011

The creator of Outcasts responds to the criticisms aimed at him and the show, and talks about his feelings towards the programme now, and to TV drama in general...

Exclusive: what would have happened next in Outcasts

Simon Brew News
Apr 6, 2011

As Outcasts arrives on DVD, the show’s creator tells us what we could have expected had it received a second series…

Outcasts episode 8 review: series finale

Simon Brew Review
Mar 13, 2011

The very last episode of Outcasts leaves threads dangling, but is it any good? Here’s our review…

Outcasts episode 7 review

Outcasts episode 7
Simon Brew Review
Mar 6, 2011

The penultimate episode of Outcasts arrives, and the potential problems for the residents of Carpathia continue to mount...

Outcasts episode 7 preview gallery

Outcasts episode 7
Simon Brew Preview
Mar 1, 2011

Take a look at a series of snaps from the penultimate episode of the BBC’s Outcasts, right here…

Outcasts episode 6 review

Simon Brew Review
Feb 26, 2011

Outcasts moves to Sunday nights, and it brings some big, impending problems for the residents of Carpathia...