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Psych season 7 episode 4: No Country For Two Old Men

Nick Slawicz Review
Mar 21, 2013

Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambour guest stars in this week's Psych, and the result is a treat. Here's Nick's review...

Psych season 7 episode 3 review: Lassie Jerky

Nick Slawicz Review
Mar 14, 2013

Psych is three for three this series according to Nick. Here's his review of Lassie Jerky...

Psych season 7 episode 2 review: Juliet Takes A Luvvah

Nick Slawicz Review
Mar 10, 2013

Psych delivers another strong, entertaining episode. Here's Nick's review of Juliet Takes a Luvvah...

Psych season 7 episode 1 review: Santabarbaratown 2

Nick Slawicz Review
Feb 28, 2013

Psych returns for it seventh season with a strong episode that's both funny and touching. Here's Nick's review...

Psych season 6 episode 4 review: The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2

Nick Slawicz Review
Nov 15, 2011

This week’s instalment of Psych features a masked vigilante, and no fewer than two pineapples. Here’s Nick’s review of episode four...

Psych season 6 episode 3 review: This Episode Sucks

Nick Slawicz Review
Oct 31, 2011

It’s Halloween in Psych, giving the show’s writers the chance to reference lots of vampire movies. Here’s Nick’s review of episode 3, This Episode Sucks…

Psych season 6 episode 2 review: Last Night Gus

Nick Slawicz Review
Oct 31, 2011

There’s a hint of The Hangover around Psych episode two, and a fun reference to Reservoir Dogs. Here’s Nick’s review of Last Night Gus…

Psych season 6 episode 1 review

Nick Slawicz Review
Oct 13, 2011

Psych returns for its sixth season, and Nick has been checking out the opener, Shawn Rescues Darth Vader...