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Demolition review

Ryan Lambie Review
Feb 25, 2016

From the director of Dallas Buyers Club comes the off-beat drama Demolition, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Here’s Ryan’s review...

Demolition trailer, starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Simon Brew Trailer
Sep 9, 2015

From the director of Wild and Dallas Buyers Club comes Demolition - another interesting role for Jake Gyllenhaal...

What went wrong with the Diana movie?

Simon Brew News
Jul 15, 2015

Director Oliver Hirschbiegel looks back on his Diana film and admits where the movie went wrong...

St. Vincent review

Mark Harrison Review
Dec 9, 2014

Bill Murray delivers a good Bill Murray performance in the predictable but likeable St Vincent...

Actors who walked out of interviews (and why)

Simon Brew Feature
Jun 10, 2014

It makes a great headline when an actor or actress walks out of an interview early - but are they getting a fair deal?

Michael Bay producing remake of The Birds

Simon Brew News
Mar 13, 2014

It's definite: Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is remaking Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...

The James Clayton Column: Holy casting concerns, Batman!

James Clayton Feature
Sep 20, 2013

In the wake of the controversy over Ben Affleck's role as Batman, James wades into the issue of casting concerns...

Fair Game Blu-ray review

Mark Harrison Review
Aug 3, 2011

Sean Penn and Naomi Watts star in Fair Game. Mark Harrison has been checking out the Blu-ray...

First trailer for Dream House

Dream House
Simon Brew Trailer
Jul 21, 2011

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz star in the upcoming thriller, Dream House. And here's the very first trailer for it...

The six actresses on The Dark Knight Rises casting shortlist

Simon Brew News
Jan 12, 2011

Christopher Nolan is homing in on the two actresses he’s after for major roles in The Dark Knight Rises. So who is on his shortlist?