Misfits series 4

Matt Stokoe interview: Misfits, Alex, series 5 & more...

Caroline Preece Interview
Dec 19, 2012

Caroline chats to Misfits' Matt Stokoe about his character Alex, the new cast, and plans for series five...

Misfits series 4 finale review

Caroline Preece Review
Dec 17, 2012

The E4 show's fourth season bows out on an episode that is more Misfits than anything else we've seen this year...

Misfits series 4 episode 7 review

Caroline Preece Review
Dec 10, 2012

A week away from its series 4 finale, Misfits serves up a depressingly throwaway episode...

Misfits series 4 episode 6 review

Caroline Preece Review
Dec 3, 2012

Misfits is back on fire with this eventful powers-heavy episode. Here's Caroline's review...

First draft of Misfits movie screenplay in place

Simon Brew News
Nov 27, 2012

Howard Overman has revealed that he's written the first draft for a Misfits movie. Spoilers within...

Misfits series 4 episode 5 review

Caroline Preece Review
Nov 26, 2012

Finn goes in search of his family in this week's Misfits. Here's Caroline's review...

Misfits series 4 episode 4 review

Caroline Preece Review
Nov 19, 2012

Is Misfits' fresh start working? Here's Caroline's review of this week's eventful episode...

Misfits series 4 episode 2 review

Caroline Preece Preview
Nov 5, 2012

This week's episode of Misfits has Caroline warming to series four, which is going back to the show's dark, barmy roots...

Misfits series 4 episode 1 review

Caroline Preece Review
Oct 29, 2012

A new series and a new cast - Misfits is back, but there are surprises in store for fans. Here's Caroline's review...

Misfits’ 10 most rubbish powers

Den Of Geek Feature
Oct 23, 2012

In celebration of Misfits’ unique approach to super-powers, we count down the ten most useless abilities to feature on the show so far…