Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8: new courses detailed, footage revealed

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 15, 2015

Mario Kart 8's getting a second bit of DLC, with eight additional courses. Here are all the details and some brand new footage...

Have bugged videogames now become the norm?

Aaron Birch Feature
Jan 14, 2015

2014 was a banner year for troubled videogame releases, but is this how the industry now operates?

Mario Kart 8 review

Max Anderton Review
May 30, 2014

Mario Kart has finally arrived on the faltering Wii U, and just in the nick of time

Wii U, the Dreamcast, Disney, and the future of Nintendo

Wii U
Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 15, 2014

As the Wii U continues to struggle, we ponder Nintendo's future, and draw a comparison to Disney's history...

Nintendo Direct delivers Mario Kart 8 release date

Aaron Birch News
Feb 14, 2014

The latest Nintendo Direct was packed with information as usual, including some key releases...

Nintendo Direct announces new Zelda title

Aaron Birch News
Dec 19, 2013

The Wii U is set to get a new Zelda game, but it's not the kind of Zelda you'd expect...

The top 25 must-play videogames of 2014

Aaron Birch Feature
Dec 6, 2013

There are some videogame corkers coming up next year, and here's our pick of the top 25 you just can't miss...

When can we expect Nintendo's Wii U exclusives?

Aaron Birch Feature
Sep 14, 2013

We've already looked at Microsoft and Sony's next gen exclusives, but what about Nintendo's Wii U?

E3: Nintendo Direct

Aaron Birch News
Jun 12, 2013

Nintendo may have a light presence at E3, but there was a Nintendo Direct broadcast to keep gamers informed...