Luke Goss

The Blu-rays of Poundland

Matt Edwards Feature
Feb 26, 2016

Poundland has been selling Blu-rays! And we've been buying and watching them! Tornado Warning, anyone?

Top 25 Steven Seagal Films from 20 to 16

Matt Edwards Odd List
Mar 11, 2014

The next five films on Matt's list offer more Seagal-related joy...

The 7 craziest things about Death Race 3: Inferno

Duncan Bowles Feature
Feb 4, 2013

High-octane car-crashing sequel Death Race 3: Inferno's out on DVD and Blu-ray. Here's Duncan to share a few of its craziest moments...

Interview with a henchman: celebrating foolish minor villains in action cinema

Mark Harrison Interview
Aug 14, 2012

Henchmen are a staple of the action genre, but what’s it like to play one? We caught up with Mark Tindle, who’s beaten up by Luke Goss in Interview With A Hitman, to find out…

Luke Goss interview: Interview With A Hitman, Death Race: Inferno, Red Widow and Inside

Duncan Bowles Interview
Jul 20, 2012

His new movie, Interview With A Hitman, is out in cinemas today, so it was a pleasure to catch up with star Luke Goss for a bit of a chat...

Luke Goss interview: Blade, Hellboy and Death Race sequels, The Hobbit and becoming a geek

Duncan Bowles Interview
Dec 17, 2010

To tie in with the release of the crashtastic Death Race 2, we caught up with star Luke Goss to chat about his film appearances and growing geek credentials…

Death Race 2 review

Duncan Bowles Review
Dec 16, 2010

Can Duncan find much to love in the straight to DVD sequel to Death Race? Er, yes. Yes, he can...