11 DC Comics movies awaiting a greenlight

Mark Harrison Feature
May 16, 2016

From Justice League Dark and The Batman to Lobo and Man Of Steel 2 - the DC movies that await a greenlight...

Lobo movie back on, Wonder Woman writer hired

Simon Brew News
Mar 17, 2016

The writer of Wonder Woman, Jason Fuchs, has been hired to bring DC's Lobo movie back to life...

DC's Lobo: why the film hasn't happened yet

Simon Brew News
May 18, 2015

Director Brad Peyton reveals why Lobo, starring Dwayne Johnson, hasn't made it to the DC movie universe yet...

Dwayne Johnson teases DC role: hinting at Lobo?

Glen Chapman News
Mar 26, 2014

The Rock has dropped some big hints as to who he might be playing in a future DC movie...

Brief details of Lobo movie appear

Simon Brew News
Sep 10, 2012

DC and Warner Bros seems to be edging closer to bringing Lobo to the big screen...

The Rock confirms Lobo interest

Simon Brew News
Jul 16, 2012

Mr Dwayne Johnson confirms that rumours of him being cast as Lobo might just have some truth to them...

Warner Bros planning lots more DC movies

Simon Brew News
Jun 8, 2012

Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Flash, Suicide Squad and more are in development at Warner Bros. Possibly Green Lantern 2, as well…

DC Comics’ Lobo finally heading to the big screen?

Simon Brew News
Apr 23, 2012

Guy Ritchie was one linked with making a movie of DC Comics’ Lobo. But has the job just gone to the director of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island?

Top 10 unmade DC films

James Hunt Top 10
Sep 17, 2009

DC comics have a vast stable of characters to offer moviedom...and perhaps it's even time for the Boy Wonder to go it alone...?

Guy Ritchie leaves gangland for Lobo

Guy Ritcie (no 'h' needed)
Martin Anderson News
Sep 3, 2009

The Brit filmmaker to adapt a lesser-known DC character for Joel Silver...