Labyrinth: rare behind the scenes pics and promo shots

Simon Brew Pictures
Jan 29, 2016

Including David Bowie, George Lucas and Jim Henson together on the Labyrinth set...

David Bowie, and his film acting roles

Brogan Morris Feature
Jan 27, 2016

The late David Bowie brought something down to earth (literally, in one case) to his film acting roles. We look at his film acting roles.

Labyrinth: a new film is coming, but it's not a reboot

Simon Brew News
Jan 23, 2016

Don't shoot the messenger: a deal has been done to make a new Labyrinth movie...

Neil Gaiman’s 11 geekiest cameo appearances

Louisa Mellor Feature
Mar 18, 2015

Remember when Neil Gaiman played Jareth from Labyrinth and popped up a cartoon falafel? Step this way to see the author's geekiest cameos…

The movie characters who scared us as children

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Jan 16, 2015

Jaws, Large Marge, Scar, Medusa, Judge Doom... did these movie characters have you shaking in your boots as a child?

The Jim Henson Company developing Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth (1986)
Simon Brew News
Oct 13, 2014

Dark Crystal 2 and Labyrinth 2 are both in the works at The Jim Henson Company, it's been revealed...

25 hidden subtexts in family movies

Nick Horton Odd List
Apr 24, 2014

Family movies are just wholesome, innocent, politics-free entertainment, right? Well, no. Not at all, in fact...

Are star ratings on movie reviews a good thing?

Simon Brew Feature
Feb 11, 2014

How do we decide what's a four star movie? Are all five star movies made equal? Simon explains the issues with star ratings

Brian Henson's Evolution Of Puppetry

Andrew Blair Feature
Aug 28, 2013

Andrew reports back on Brian Henson's session at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, on the evolution of puppetry...