Kinect-free Xbox One announced

Aaron Birch News
May 14, 2014

Microsoft has made a major U-turn on its Kinect policy, and will release an Xbox One without the polarising peripheral...

New Xbox One features revealed at Comic Con

Aaron Birch News
Jul 22, 2013

Several features of the Xbox One were shown at Comic Con this year, including details on controller recognition...

7 genuine reasons your game might not work on an Xbox One

Simon Brew Odd List
Jun 12, 2013

Just because you've legally bought a game for an Xbox One, it doesn't mean that Microsoft's DRM will let you play it...

Paranormal Activity 4 review

Ryan Lambie Review
Oct 5, 2012

Things go bump in the night once again in Paranormal Activity 4. But has the series lost its edge? Here’s our spoiler-free review…

Star Wars Kinect release date

Star Wars Kinect
Aaron Birch News
Feb 8, 2012

Star Wars Kinect ‘s release date has been announced, and it now features dancing

UFC Personal Trainer Xbox 360 review

Dave Adamson Review
Jul 26, 2011

A rather more aggressive take on the fitness videogame arrives for the Xbox 360’s Kinect. Here’s Dave’s review of UFC Personal Trainer…

How I learned to stop worrying and love Microsoft's Kinect

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 7, 2011

As Microsoft’s Kinect sells its 8 millionth unit, Ryan finally overcomes his inhibitions and has a go…

Blurring the virtual lines: what’s real and what’s a game?

Sean Shaffer News
Jul 5, 2010

Are Microsoft and Sony's motion controllers a step towards a dark virtual future? Sean examines the possibilities, with help from the movie Gamer...

Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect: the next generation of motion control?

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 22, 2010

Microsoft and Sony have both shown off their Kinect and Move motion control systems at E3, but can they capture the imagination of the games playing public?

Microsoft confirms Project Natal is now Kinect

Simon Brew News
Jun 15, 2010

Xbox 360 owners now have a name for their upcoming motion control system: meet Kinect…