Jurassic World

Jurassic World 2: more filming details revealed

Brendon Connelly Simon Brew News
Jul 22, 2016

The Jurassic Park sequel is set to start shooting in February 2017...

Jurassic Park 4: the versions that never were

Rob Leane Feature
Jun 28, 2016

Since life finds a way, Jurassic Park 4 was eventually made under the title Jurassic World. But many ideas floated around beforehand...

Jurassic Park 4: new concept art from lost film

Elizabeth Rayne News
Jun 10, 2016

Artist Carlos Huante recently shared concept art from a much earlier take on Jurassic Park 4...

Jurassic World 2: director confirmed

Simon Brew News
Apr 19, 2016

J A Bayona is confirmed as the director of the next Jurassic Park movie...

Movie merchandise, and how it's giving away big spoilers

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 10, 2016

Action figures and LEGO sets are giving clues to big movie spoilers - even before the films concerned are released. But why?

15 of the 20 most profitable blockbusters are sequels

Simon Brew News
Feb 26, 2016

The reason Hollywood keeps making sequels? They make the most profit, on the whole...

The top 15 film soundtracks of 2015

Ivan Radford Feature
Feb 18, 2016

Mad Max, Star Wars, Whiplash, The Falling and more, in our choice of 2015's best movie scores...

Star Wars, Creed, nostalgia, and the need for the new

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 22, 2016

Creed, The Force Awakens and other movies all tried to cash in on our nostalgia recently, but it didn’t always go well…

Jurassic World 2: Bryce Dallas Howard on where next for Claire

Simon Brew News
Jan 28, 2016

"It better not be heels!", says Bryce Dallas Howard, as she talks about the future for her character in Jurassic World 2...

25 movie trailers that gave away way too much

Simon Brew Feature
Jan 29, 2016

From Terminator films and Jurassic World through to trailers with the ending in them...