Jose Padilha

Joel Kinnaman on RoboCop’s PG-13 rating

Glen Chapman News
Feb 5, 2014

The star of the upcoming RoboCop movie has been addressing its PG-13 rating...

RoboCop review

Ryan Lambie Review
Feb 5, 2014

Elite Squad director Jose Padilha brings us a new take on the 1987 classic, RoboCop. Here's Ryan's review...

New trailer released for RoboCop reboot

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Nov 20, 2013

A third trailer arrives for next year's RoboCop remake, which you can feast your eyes on here...

New poster for RoboCop

Simon Brew Poster
Nov 8, 2013

To go with the new trailer, here's the final poster for the RoboCop reboot...

RoboCop: the second trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Nov 7, 2013

Next year's RoboCop remake starring Joel Kinnaman and Michael Keaton gets a second trailer. Take a look within...

Meet the characters of the RoboCop reboot

Simon Brew News
Nov 5, 2013

Ahead of the release of a new trailer, character pictures of the new RoboCop cast have been released...

RoboCop trailer analysis

Ryan Lambie Feature
Sep 9, 2013

The first trailer for the RoboCop remake landed last week, so what have we learned from it? We take a closer look...

First trailer for the RoboCop reboot

Simon Brew Trailer
Sep 6, 2013

Here's the first trailer for the 2014 reboot of RoboCop, starring Joel Kinnamon, Michael Keaton, Samuel L Jackson and more...

Editing the original RoboCop for a PG-13

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jul 25, 2013

Is it possible to tame the infamously violent RoboCop for a PG-13 rating, like next year's remake? And if so, what would be left of it?

What have we learned about the RoboCop reboot?

Glen Chapman Feature
Jul 23, 2013

More information about the RoboCop reboot appeared over the weekend. Here's what we know about the film so far...