John Dies At The End

Den Of Geek Book Club: John Dies At The End

Kaci Ferrell Feature
Feb 2, 2015

David Wong's strongly written novel John Dies At The End is this month's fiction selection for the Den Of Geek Book Club...

Don Coscarelli interview: John Dies At The End, Conan

Owen Williams Interview
Feb 24, 2014

John Dies At The End was one of last year's most underappreciated movies. Owen chats to director Don Coscarelli about filming the unfilmable

Den Of Geek films of 2013: from 20 to 11...

Den Of Geek Odd List
Dec 18, 2013

We've been voting for our favourite films of the year. The countdown starts here...

Is John Dies At The End one of 2013's hidden horror gems?

James Stansfield Feature
Dec 10, 2013

John Dies at the End hasn't had a wide release, but that doesn't mean it's not brilliant, as James explains...

John Dies At The End: a fabulous new poster

Ryan Lambie Poster
Jan 3, 2013

Bubba Ho-Tep director Don Coscarelli's forthcoming comic horror flick John Dies At The End has a new poster, which we rather like...

New trailer for John Dies At The End

Simon Brew Trailer
Oct 30, 2012

The new film from the director of Bubba Ho Tep, here's the trailer for John Dies At The End...