Joe Johnston

Star Wars: the surprising origins of the AT-AT

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 6, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One will see the dramatic return of the AT-AT. Ryan takes a look back at the Empire walker's creation and hidden origins...

Joe Johnston set to direct an alien invasion movie

Ryan Lambie News
Jan 8, 2014

Veteran director of The Rocketeer and Captain America is about to direct the alien invasion film Extinction, reports suggest...

8 things comic book movies could learn from Captain America

Andy DiGenova News
Aug 2, 2011

Andy really liked the Captain America movie a lot. And he's found a series of things right with it that other comic book films could learn from...

Steven Spielberg officially announces Jurassic Park 4

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 22, 2011

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, Steven Spielberg has revealed that Jurassic Park 4 has a writer, and is in development...

Captain America: The First Avenger review

James Hunt Review
Jul 21, 2011

It's Marvel's last film before The Avengers. So: how does Captain America fare on the big screen? Here's James' review...

Star Wars: Boba Fett spin-off movie a possibility?

Simon Brew News
Jul 18, 2011

Could Captain America director, Joe Johnston, be looking to make a Star Wars spin-off movie? And will George Lucas let him?

Is Jurassic Park 4 now officially dead?

Simon Brew News
May 18, 2011

Actor Sam Neill has suggested that the Jurassic Park franchise is now pretty much done and dusted. So, is it?

Hollywood’s changing approach to blockbuster movie directors

Kenneth Branagh
Simon Brew News
Apr 26, 2011

Is Hollywood learning its lesson?

Looking back at Rocketeer

Duncan Bowles News
Apr 26, 2011

With Captain America arriving in cinemas soon, we take a look back at director Joe Johnston’s underrated 90s comic book adaptation, Rocketeer…

Captain America still reshooting?

Captain America
Simon Brew News
Apr 7, 2011

It’s three months away from hitting cinema screens. But Marvel’s Captain America looks like it’s heading back before the cameras…