Jennie Whitwood

New 52 Superman gets a new romance

Jennie Whitwood News
Aug 22, 2012

Jennie explains why DC is going 52 Shades of Red, White and Blue...

The ladies of Avengers comics

Jennie Whitwood News
May 3, 2012

Black Widow made a strong impression in The Avengers, but Jennie argues that a sequel has plenty more female leads to draw on...

Night of Owls claims Batman

Night of Owls Court of Owls Batman Scott Snyder James Tynion IV
Jennie Whitwood News
Apr 10, 2012

Batman ziplines this month into his first crossover since the start of New 52. Jennie discusses the latest DC event…

Carol Danvers: Just another Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Ms Marvel Wondercon July 2012
CJ Wheeler News
Mar 22, 2012

Marvel have announced a new ongoing series granting Ms. Marvel the rank of Captain. CJ and Jennie wonder if this decision has the character at heart...

DC spins a new fairytale in Fairest

Fairest cover first issues DC Comics
Jennie Whitwood News
Mar 4, 2012

Vertigo launches a new series from Fables writer Bill Willingham this Wednesday. Jennie gets folkloric and fabulous with Fairest...

London Super Comic Convention 2012: weekend round up

London Super Comic Convention 2012 overview
Jennie Whitwood News
Feb 27, 2012

A fresh kind of comic convention hit the UK over the weekend. Jennie and CJ marvel at the first London Super Comic Convention...

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne review

Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne - Grant Morrison DC Comics
Jennie Whitwood Review
Feb 19, 2012

One of DC Comics’ last major Batman storylines before New 52 is out now in trade paperback from Titan Books. Jennie finds out where Bruce Wayne got to…

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre Amanda Conner
Jennie Whitwood News
Feb 7, 2012

A lot of interest in Before Watchmen will focus on Rorschach, The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan, but what about Silk Spectre? Jennie argues that Alan Moore's superheroine has innate potential...

Inadvertent major The Dark Knight Rises spoiler from DC Comics?

CJ Wheeler News
Jan 14, 2012

Has a new comic scheduled for May foreshadowed the ending of The Dark Knight Rises? CJ and Jennie take a look at World's Finest and the identity of Huntress...

DC Comics trademarks new company logo

DC new logo
CJ Wheeler News
Jan 14, 2012

Only a few years after their last controversial logo change DC Comics has done it again. CJ and Jennie sneak a peak at the digital-friendly new look...