Jason Momoa

Aquaman: James Wan on why he’s making the movie

Simon Brew News
Jun 7, 2016

James Wan talks Aquaman, and why he didn't want to just make another superhero movie...

Aquaman: why Jeff Nichols turned the director’s job down

Simon Brew News
Mar 8, 2016

Midnight Special helmer Jeff Nichols was linked with the Aquaman job - so why didn't he take it?

DC Comics movies: upcoming UK release dates calendar

Rob Leane Odd List
May 17, 2016

Now that you've (probably) seen Batman V Superman, here’s everything you can expect from the DC movie universe up until 2020…

Aquaman set to be James Wan's next film after Conjuring 2

Simon Brew News
Nov 25, 2015

James Wan is likely to go for Aquaman rather than Robotech, as his post-The Conjuring 2 directorial project...

Aquaman movie: now a new writer comes on board

Simon Brew News
Nov 13, 2015

Jason Momoa is still set to get a standalone Aquaman movie - and Warner Bros has hired a new writer for it...

Confirmed: James Wan directing Aquaman and Robotech

Simon Brew News
Jun 4, 2015

Fast & Furious 8 looks like it needs a new director, as James Wan commits to both Aquaman and Robotech, once he's done with Conjuring 2.

Fast & Furious 7 director lined up for Aquaman

Simon Brew News
Apr 11, 2015

James Wan may leap from the Fast & Furious series to the DC movie universe - unless his contract gets in the way...

Aquaman: what to expect from the movie

Rob Leane Feature
Mar 4, 2015

Jason Momoa will debut as Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But what do we know about the standalone Aquaman movie?

Aquaman: first image of Jason Momoa, now without text

Simon Brew News
Mar 27, 2015

The first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, now without the writing over the top of it...

Aquaman: director shortlist, Karl Urban linked to cast

Simon Brew News
Jan 23, 2015

Jason Momoa could be going head to head with Karl Urban in 2018's Aquaman movie...