James Clayton

The James Clayton Column: Aliens vs. ‘Select Your Opponent’

James Clayton News
May 19, 2011

As Attack The Block introduces the idea of aliens versus youths, James comes up with a few high-concept invasion movie ideas of his own...

The James Clayton Column: Movies presenting a career path

James Clayton News
May 12, 2011

If you're looking for inspiration for your next job, then your local multiplex might have some answers, reckons James...

The James Clayton Column: The Cussing King’s Speech and Jupiter’s Willy

James Clayton News
May 5, 2011

Is swearing in movies like Kick-Ass and Oscar-friendly The King’s Speech anything to get uptight about? The censors say yes, but James isn’t so sure…

The James Clayton Column: Dancing for freedom: the Sucker Punch against oppression

James Clayton News
Apr 14, 2011

James went to see Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch. And he's got a few thoughts...

The James Clayton Column: Abandon Limitless drug crazed abandon!

James Clayton News
Apr 7, 2011

In the wake of Limitless and its IQ-boosting wonder drug, James looks back at the uneasy relationship between controlled substances and the movies…

The James Clayton Column: “But the title said there’d be a submarine.”

James Clayton News
Mar 31, 2011

Shaken by the absence of submersible vessels in Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, James wonders, what’s in a name…?

The James Clayton column: Oorah for Earth's Marines!

James Clayton News
Mar 24, 2011

The macho action of Battle: Los Angeles leaves James pondering the US Marine Corp’s perpetual aggression against alien visitors in films…

The James Clayton Column: rōnin samurai vs. real estate

James Clayton News
Mar 17, 2011

In this week’s column, James ponders the benefits of wearing a samurai outfit and cinema’s delusions of domestic bliss…

The James Clayton Column: Liam Neeson's lost identity

James Clayton News
Mar 9, 2011

Unknown sees Liam Neeson stuck in the middle of an identity crisis. James’ advice? Follow the example of acting chameleon Johnny Depp…

The James Clayton Column: the Devil’s greatest tricks

James Clayton News
Mar 3, 2011

With The Rite and Drive Angry 3D bringing infernal themes to the big screen, James looks back at Beelzebub’s enduring presence in pop culture…