Jamaica Inn

10 strange novels of the British countryside

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May 10, 2016

The best creepy stories take place against the creepy backdrop of the British countryside. Here are ten of our favourites...

Anyone else struggling to hear dialogue in the movies?

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Nov 11, 2014

Are you struggling to make out the dialogue in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar? And why is the inaudible dialogue problem not going away?

Jamaica Inn episode 3 review

Becky Lea Review
Apr 23, 2014

It's all coming to a head in this, the final episode of Jamaica Inn. Here's our review...

Jamaica Inn episode 2 review

Becky Lea Review
Apr 22, 2014

Violence, smuggling, and heavy Cornish accents; it can only be episode 2 of Jamaica Inn...

Jamaica Inn episode 1 review

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Apr 21, 2014

A brooding, Gothic adaptation of a brooding, Gothic novel - here's Becky's review of the first episode of this new du Maurier adaptation...