Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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Chris Pine: we didn't get Jack Ryan totally right

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Jan 2, 2015

As he reveals there are no plans for a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit sequel, Chris Pine talks about his regrets to do with the film.

Chris Pine interview - Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and more

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Jan 24, 2014

With his new film out today, we chat to the new Jack Ryan about his role in Shadow Recruit and more...

Kevin Costner interview: Jack Ryan, and missing out on Superman

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The great Kevin Costner chats to us about his role in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and how he nearly played Superman...

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We catch up with Kenneth Branagh to chat Jack Ryan, In The Bleak Midwinter and paying Joan Collins in postal orders.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review

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Chris Pine takes on Tom Clancy's most famous hero in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Here's our review of Kenneth Branagh's espionage thriller...

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - new character clip

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Kevin Costner talks Jack Ryan

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Costner has been chatting about Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and some roles he has offered in his prime.

Brand new poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, date change

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Nov 28, 2013

Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, and a random shot of Keira Knightley headline the new Jack Ryan international poster...