Green Lantern

The box office underperformers of 2011

Simon Brew Odd List
Aug 18, 2011

Pirates, Potter and Transformers have made over $3bn between them this year. But which movies failed to live up to box office expectations?

Green Lantern 2 still on the cards?

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern
Simon Brew News
Aug 3, 2011

The first film is nowhere near making a profit. But Warner Bros still seems keen on bringing Ryan Reynolds back for Green Lantern 2...

Green Lantern’s rebirth

James Peaty News
Jun 28, 2011

James brings the Green Lantern story up to date, with a look at his adventures in comics over the past five years...

Green Lantern 2 still pressing ahead

Simon Brew News
Jun 27, 2011

The reviews might have been troubling, but Warner Bros is moving ahead with its plans for Green Lantern 2…

Green Lantern: the 2006 script vs. the 2011 movie

Mark Harrison News
Jun 22, 2011

Jack Black was once set to play Green Lantern in an R-rated script written by Robert Smigel. Mark compares that concept to the film that ultimately emerged…

Are comic book movies slowly running out of box office steam?

Simon Brew News
Jun 20, 2011

As Green Lantern opens to a similar amount to X-Men: First Class, is audience enthusiasm for the comic book movie ever so slightly on the wane?

New Muppet teaser trailer spoofs Green Lantern

Simon Brew Trailer
Jun 17, 2011

It’s not easy being green, in the latest teaser trailer for The Muppets. This time, Green Lantern is in its sights. Can they keep making these forever?

Green Lantern’s modern age stories

James Peaty News
Jun 16, 2011

As Green Lantern swoops into cinemas today, James takes a look at the superhero’s modern age adventures...

Green Lantern review

Luke Savage Review
Jun 16, 2011

Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. But is the film the suspected bomb of the summer, or is there a good reason to see it? Here's our review...

Green Lantern’s key comic book stories

Green Lantern
James Peaty News
Jun 14, 2011

If you're looking to find out more about the incoming Green Lantern movie, then why not dig out some of the important comic book stories? Here's our guide...