Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo: new writers board the movie

Simon Brew News
Oct 5, 2015

Gran Turismo continues its journey to the big screen, with Oblivion and TRON: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski behind the steering wheel...

Gran Turismo movie attracting TRON: Legacy director

Simon Brew News
Mar 3, 2015

TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski looks like he's the man to bring Gran Turismo to the big screen...

Feature-length Gran Turismo documentary appears online

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 29, 2014

A feature-length documentary about Sony's racing game series Gran Turismo has appeared on the web. You can watch it right here...

Watchmen writer hired for Gran Turismo movie

Simon Brew News
Nov 22, 2013

The Gran Turismo movie gets some help from a Watchmen screenwriter...

Sony plans Gran Turismo movie

Simon Brew News
Jul 24, 2013

The producers of Fifty Shades Of Grey are making a Gran Turismo movie...

GRID 2: where do racing games go from here?

Seb Patrick Feature
May 30, 2013

As Codemasters' GRID 2 arrives, Seb wonders where the racing game can go next. Is there still room for innovation as well as refinement?

Gran Turismo PSP review

Mike Jennings Review
Oct 19, 2009

Gran Turismo returns for Sony's PSP handheld - but, Mike Jennings, is it any good?

Gran Turismo returns in October

Simon Brew News
Jun 3, 2009

It’s not Gran Turismo 5, sadly, but PSP owners will get Gran Turismo for the first time in the autumn…