Goosebumps 2 confirmed

Simon Brew News
Apr 26, 2016

Jack Black, Rob Letterman and Darren Lemke are all being lured to make Goosebumps 2...

Dungeons & Dragons movie has its director

Simon Brew News
Apr 1, 2016

Rob Letterman is jumping from Goosebumps to Dungeons & Dragons…

Secret screenings, walkouts and 'anticipointment'

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 1, 2016

What happens when your surprise film isn't Star Wars or Deadpool? People simply get up and leave, it seems....

Goosebumps review

Mark Harrison Review
Feb 2, 2016

Goosebumps is a family movie with a Joe Dante-tinged edge to is. Here's our review...

Blockbusters: are big films all year round a good thing?

Jordan Adcock Feature
Jan 18, 2016

We’re seeing big cinema releases almost every weekend now. But is this a good thing?

Goosebumps: first trailer for the movie

Simon Brew Trailer
Jul 9, 2015

Jack Black stars in the big screen debut of Goosebumps. Here's the first trailer...