17 times movies and TV shows were refused rights to songs

Louisa Mellor Feature
Jul 1, 2016

Not every artist is happy to have their song featured in a particular TV show or film. Here are 17 times the rights were refused...

Brett Ratner adapting story based on Goodfellas’ Henry Hill

Mr Brett Ratner
Simon Brew News
Jan 22, 2016

Henry Hill's story was told in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas - but not all of it...

Cats are not capable of understanding Rambo: First Blood Part II

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jun 11, 2015

They may be furry, they may be cute. But make no mistake: cats simply can't appreciate the power of Rambo: First Blood Part II...

51 films, and how they were affected by test screenings

Simon Brew Odd List
Oct 10, 2014

From 28 Days Later and Goodfellas to Big and Last Action Hero: here's the impact test audiences had on 51 movies...

Den Of Geek Book Club: Wiseguy: Life In A Mafia Family

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Aug 1, 2014

This month's film and TV non-fiction book selection is Nicholas Pileggi's renowned Mafia crime biography, Wiseguy...

The James Clayton Column: Fantasy Gangster Squad League

James Clayton Feature
Jan 11, 2013

With Gangster Squad out in UK cinemas, James assembles his own fantasy gang of movie mobsters...

Goodfellas TV show going into development

Louisa Mellor News
Jan 11, 2012

AMC adds Goodfellas TV series to network roll call of Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

Celebrating cinema’s greatest long takes

Luke Holland News
Nov 16, 2010

What do the movies of Woo, Welles and Scorsese have in common? Technically incredible scenes filmed in one lengthy take. Luke salutes a few of the very best...

Music in the movies: Martin Scorsese

Glen Chapman News
May 25, 2010

Glen turns his attention this week to celebrating the music from Martin Scorsese movies....

10 classic ad-lib and off-script movie moments

Karla Healion Top 10
Mar 3, 2010

Not every moment of movie genius is written down in the script. Take this collection of ad-libs and off-script moments, for instance...