Glen Chapman

10 great TV shows to enjoy with your kids

Glen Chapman James Stansfield Feature
Feb 26, 2014

From Adventure Time to Old Jack's Boat, James and Glen talk us through ten modern kids' TV shows that geek parents can enjoy too...

Sons Of Anarchy: the most overlooked drama since The Shield

Glen Chapman Feature
Sep 10, 2013

Glen explains why Sons of Anarchy, starting its 6th season today, risks being eclipsed by its peers and why it richly deserves your time...

Friday Night Lights: an essential American football drama

Glen Chapman Feature
Feb 7, 2016

On this Super Bowl Sunday, we revisit the reasons Friday Night Lights is essential viewing whether you're a sports fan or not...

Maron episodes 9 & 10 review: Projections & Mexican Angel

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 30, 2013

Maron concludes its promising first series with an uneven but touching two-parter. Here's Glen's review...

Maron episode 8 review: Jen Moves To L.A.

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 23, 2013

Maron tackles that sitcom staple this week, the love-triangle. Here's Glen's review of its latest episode...

Maron episode 7 review: Sex Fest

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 16, 2013

Maron returns to the subject of sex and relationships in its latest episode, which is another strong entry from the comedy series...

Maron episode 6 review: Sponsor

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 9, 2013

Maron takes addiction as its theme this week, and boasts a nuanced, emotional performance from Danny Trejo...

Maron episode 5 review: A Real Woman

Glen Chapman Review
Jun 3, 2013

Maron regains its form this week in another episode dealing with Marc's love life. Here's Glen's review of A Real Woman...

Maron episode 4 review: Dominatrix

Glen Chapman Review
May 27, 2013

Maron hits a bump in the road with its latest episode. Here's Glen's review of Dominatrix...

Maron episode 2 review: Dead Possum

Glen Chapman Review
May 12, 2013

Glen continues to enjoy Maron, the new comedy series from WTF's Mark Maron...