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We Sing Robbie Williams Nintendo Wii review

We Sing Robbie Williams
Anthony Enticknap Review
Nov 16, 2010

Love Robbie Williams? Enjoy singing in your living room? Then We Sing Robbie Williams may well be the game for you. Anthony takes a closer look…

Sonic Colours Nintendo Wii review

Sonic Colours
Ryan Lambie Review
Nov 14, 2010

Sega’s hedgehog mascot returns in yet another series entry. Is Sonic Colours the return to form the franchise deserves? Ryan finds out...

GoldenEye 007 Nintendo Wii review

Ryan Lambie Review
Nov 11, 2010

The 90s N64 classic, GoldenEye 007, returns on the Nintendo Wii. But does this updated Bond retain the spirit of the original? Ryan finds out...

007: Blood Stone Xbox 360 review

Aaron Birch Review
Nov 11, 2010

Walther? Check. Tuxedo? Check. Aston Martin? Check. Aaron finds out if 007: Blood Stone has the right ingredients to shake and stir…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Xbox 360 review

Aaron Birch Review
Nov 1, 2010

Aaron feels the power of the dark side as Starkiller returns for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II…

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Xbox 360 review

Aaron Birch Review
Oct 29, 2010

Another year, another WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw. Aaron grapples with the 2011 outing of Cena and company…

Fallout: New Vegas PlayStation 3 review

Aaron Birch Review
Oct 22, 2010

Aaron grabs some RadAway and Med-X, and heads into the apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas…

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock PlayStation 3 review

Mike Jennings Review
Oct 18, 2010

The long-running Guitar Hero series returns with Warriors Of Rock — but does it still have the x-factor, or has its time passed? Here’s Mike’s PS3 review…

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow PlayStation 3 review

Alan Stonebridge Review
Oct 15, 2010

Does Konami's long-running Castlevania series of platformers finally get a 3D adaptation it deserves with Lords Of Shadow? Here's Alan's PS3 review...

Front Mission Evolved PlayStation 3 review

Aaron Birch Review
Oct 15, 2010

Aaron indulges in some heavy metal warfare with Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved…