Flight Of The Navigator

Flight Of The Navigator remake: "I think it's moved on"

Simon Brew News
Jun 3, 2015

Exclusive: director Colin Trevorrow's involvement with the planned Flight Of The Navigator remake looks like it's over...

25 hidden subtexts in family movies

Nick Horton Odd List
Apr 24, 2014

Family movies are just wholesome, innocent, politics-free entertainment, right? Well, no. Not at all, in fact...

6 conspiracy theories that inspired sci-fi and horror movies

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Feb 12, 2014

From faked lunar landings to invisible WWII warships, here are six conspiracy theories and the genre films they inspired...

Colin Trevorrow to direct Jurassic Park 4

Simon Brew News
Mar 14, 2013

The director of the wonderful Safety Not Guaranteed has landed the job of making Jurassic Park 4...

Colin Trevorrow interview: Safety Not Guaranteed, Star Wars and Flight Of The Navigator

Ryan Lambie Interview
Dec 21, 2012

Ahead of the UK release of Safety Not Guaranteed, we spoke to director Colin Trevorrow about its making, Star Wars and more...

Exclusive: Colin Trevorrow on Star Wars & Flight Of The Navigator

Ryan Lambie News
Dec 6, 2012

Here's a snippet from our chat with director Colin Trevorrow, about his next film, Star Wars and his Flight Of The Navigator remake...